difference between gpa and cgpa

The world is a diverse place and yet it is so connected. A good example to highlight this diversity is the education system of different countries of the world. Most colleges and universities in different parts of the world follow the grading scale to evaluate and assess the academic performance of students. The Indian education system also follows a GPA grading system. However, this grading system is not similar to the system used in countries like the US, Canada, etc.

As students, if you are planning to go abroad for higher studies, you have to make sure that you understand certain terms like GPA, CGPA and the conversions from percentages to CGPA and vice versa. To start with, you can read this article to get a clear understanding of the difference between GPA and CGPA.

What is GPA?

You must have surely come across this term in your high school or college. For the uninitiated, GPA is the number which indicates your average score. This score is usually for a student’s academic performance over a short period of time - one term or one semester.

What is the main difference between GPA and CGPA?

The main difference between GPA and CGPA is the time frame. GPA is calculated at the end of midterms and semesters. CGPA, on the other hand, is calculated at the end of all the terms or the entire duration of a course.

difference between gpa and cgpa

How to get a good CGPA score?

A good CGPA is very important for getting through the application process for higher studies. If you want to study abroad or apply for scholarships, you need to have a good CGPA score. Getting a low CGPA will reduce your chances of getting admitted to good colleges and universities. To get a good CGPA score, you will have to consistently score well in all your semesters. When your GPA scores for all semesters are good, your CGPA will eventually be good enough to get you admission into the top colleges and universities of the world. To keep track of your GPA and CGPA, there are various online tools. You can use them to understand and analyze your efforts towards getting a good score. While most of these tools let you calculate GPA and CGPA to percentage, there are some which let you turn your percentages into GPA score. This will help you get a clear understanding of the concept of GPA, especially when you are new to this concept. Hope you study well and do your best to get a good CGPA score!

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